Knowledge. Insight. Performance.

    Knowledge. Insight. Performance.

As with all rapidly growing and emerging business sectors, successful entrepreneurs must always be determined innovators who have the potential to scale their businesses and contribute to the economy in countless ways. Their ultimate success will require access to capital as well as influential networks to propel their growth - the same qualities and needed assets that have always been the hallmark of any market-leading company.

At Zen Capital we adhere to the proven strategy of hands-on, value-added investing and consulting in early and growth-stage companies to produce superior, long-term returns for our investors, while capitalizing on what is expected to be significant growth in cannabis businesses and supportive ancillary services.

Through our wholly owned subsidiary, Zen Capital has the additional ability to produce our own products and services. Independent market research projects that, by 2019, the combined National legal cannabis market will reach or exceed $15 billion in annual sales. As the industry develops and expands, we will posses the internal expertise needed to develop a select grouping of branded lifestyle consumer products positioned to take advantage of merging opportunities in all phases of the industry.

It is our goal to seek and work exclusively with qualified entrepreneurs who possess a unique value-add proposition and can demonstrate the rare skill sets required to build a successful enterprise from the ground up. The opportunities we select must always be both commercially viable and inherently scalable.